A.    ADMISSION POLICY  (rev.52016)
IBBA admits all applicants regardless of race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, religious  background, and affinity.
Requirements upon application:
1)    Copy of Birth Certificate
2)    Copy of Social Security Card
3)    Copy of Health Card
Age requirements for enrolling Kinder Students:
          Kindergarten 4:                  4 years old
          Kindergarten 5:                  5 years old
      Procedures for Admission:
1)    New applicants take the entrance test. Parents of applicant will be notified of the result on the same day and an interview with the school principal follows.
2)    Upon admission, there will be a registration fee of $100.
3)    Textbooks must be ordered and the corresponding payment rendered.
4)    Parents or Guardians must fill out the forms listed below and turn in the same to the school office.
¨      Emergency Information Form                (green)
¨      Registration Form                                      (blue for new entrants)
¨      Personal Data Form                                  (white for returning students)
¨      Emergency Call Card                                (beige)
¨      Statement of Cooperation                    (white)
International Bible Baptist Academy
15963 Marcella Street, San Leandro CA   94578